still alive and kicking

No, this is not going to become another blog with only a few entries the first days before the author gets bored of it… Not a long time ago I was a first-class procrastinator but after gathering up will-power for months and training the use of it I can say now I left behind my bad habits. Maybe some day I am going to write about it… Until then if someone is interested in reading more about procrastination and how to overcome it I recommend this book(*1)

The reason for not writing anything these last days has been that I have been polishing the short-term memory system I introduced in the first entry of this blog. Specifically, I have been changing the time periods due to some instability in the whole process. Anyway, I am going to post an entry with a whole tutorial about it as soon as I consider the system is stable enough.

So, what about my daily progress? Nothing new until the date. I keep learning 30 (more or less) kanjis every day (I reached my 200th today!). I hope to have learned 3000 of them before next fall. About the Korean, I have decided to focus for now on my skimming text flashcards. The main reason for this decision is that very soon (3 weeks aprox.) I am going to finish the material I am working with and then I will decide again what kind of method I want to follow.

So this is all for now, stay tuned for the incoming tutorial. Until then you can read this guy’s blog where he speaks about his experiences learning almost all kind of topics with SuperMemo. Please notice that he also started using a combination of Pimsleur algorithm with SuperMemo. I look forward to see what are his experiences/conclusions doing like this.


(*1)Because any procrastinator proud of being the way he/she is needs more than one book about procrastination itself in his/her bookshelf. Of course they have to stay unreaded 😉


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